Kill The Thrill - 1993 - Dig



01 - The Morning (Of The Next Day)
02 - Sixth Column
03 - Out Loud
04 - I Will Die
05 - Pale Skin
06 - Blood Money
07 - Beating Myself
08 - My History






By 1993, the image of industrial metal had already been clearly shaped by the efforts of British enthusiasts. Their experiments on crossing 80s industrial rock with supermassive riffs, straight from death metal, performed to the accompaniment of a mechanical rhythm section and background synth – effects, gave a very concrete result. And the death metal was subjected to the cross influence, adopting the sound and techniques of new metal industrial. Especially strange on this background is the French team Kill The Thrill which was another edge of industrial music and released in 1993 the debut album "Dig". 

The main creative power of Kill The Thrill is the duet of Nicolas Dick (guitar / vocals) and Marylin Tognoli (bass / vocals), who started create music together in 1986. Taking a direction for post-punk, industrial and alternative rock, and even shoogaze (as you can be sure, after listening to the collection of early things published in 2015 "1989"), Kill The Thrill gradually recruited both listening and performing experience. This affected their sound in the direction of greater gravity and density almost reaching the standards of industrial metal of the 90's, with its clanking bass and pile-perforating drum samples. But only the performing techniques of the French were completely different: the guitar work abounds with sharp and disharmonious riffs on the cutting sound contain an impressive number of nuances and details, rhythm is not static, although angular due to the sound of samples.

Compared to contemporaries who performed introverted and sullen music, from Kill The Thrill emotions break out, this is largely due to the vocal parts performed with an anguish, but without hysteria. In contrast to colleagues who made a bid for a monotonous mechanical groove - Kill The Thrill in the early 90's recorded music, not only with nerves, but also with a straight (rock) drive, fault in the absence of the necessary environment. Many British industrial groups were founded by natives of the most advanced and heavy groups of their time who did not lose contact with their former colleagues and continued to rotate in the metal environment releasing records on familiar labels for themselves and for listeners and performing together with colleagues on "metal" concerts.The French could not boast of this and for them the best teachers remained groups of the past decade - Swans, Sonic Youth. So the debut Kill The Thrill and the subsequent EP "Pit" stand apart from a number of industrial and metal releases in fact doesn’t even belong to this "fashionable" at that time style.