Dead World - 1996 - Thanatos Descends

Malsonus, BloodLust!


01 - Warhammer
02 - Thanatos I
03 - The Scourge
04 - Thanatos II (Parts 1 & 2)
05 - Violator
06 - Thanatos III (Parts 1 & 2)
07 - Deathpile
08 - Thanatos IV
09 - Thanatos V




In the second half of 90’s declined interest in heavy music which was popular five years ago. Bands that defined the face of styles began to experiment. The others settled in self-repetition and there were too many new names. In this turmoil, small groups lost their attention from large labels falling apart or leaving in a deaf underground. Dead World did both. The second participant left John Canady and Relapse / Nuclear Blast roster ceded to a joint publishing by two small labels, Bloodlust! and Malsonus.

The music of Dead World originally consisted of two disjoint styles and the material of the latest album "Thanatos Descend", largely consists of noise ambient, rather than a guitar material. Elemental noise ambient, recorded unexpectedly and live in 1993, with a future partner Canady for a few projects - David Williams. Is quite different from what Dead World created earlier. A series of sketches of "Thanatos" can be characterized by one word "jam", and in this all the pros and cons at the same time. They have a living pressure and sense of the moment, but it is too obvious that the authors don’t have enough experience. The balance between worthwhile and sagging pieces is very unevenly distributed, which usually represent a fuss with noise generators over a homemade minimalistic rhythmic preform. But Canady has enough experience for metal material. Putting songs in a tight frame for 4-5 minutes, he leaves the listener slightly hungry. It is possible to say that in this incarnation Dead World returned to death metal with the industrial sound of the last album. Only this time everything is honest, unlike the debut on which the band seemed to want to get away from these tricks. “Thanatos Descend” demonstrates the ability to sound rough and groovy with minimum cost, abandoning the typical blasts, double bass, but actively using vocal gadgets. Perhaps this impressive rudeness that is the visiting card of the group. None of the European industrial or death metal bands didn’t achieve this result using similar techniques. From all overseas colleagues only Obituary, abandoning high-speed moments, solo and subsequent core influences, could sound like this.

Founded yourself in ambient and noise, John Canady stopped work on Dead World in 1999.