Kill The Thrill - 2001 - 203 barriers

Season of Mist


01 - 203 Barriers
02 - Crime
03 - Worm's Idle Dream
04 - Western
05 - Shudder To Sink
06 - Room 36
07 - Stase
08 - Breath
09 - Antique Tools





"203 barriers", the third album Kill The Thrill, was released on the non-usual for the band alternative low-budget labels. For his publication took Season of Mist, a powerful office from the world of the mainstream - part of the metal underground, which at that time earning a name (and money) for the publication of the records of Mayhem, Nocturnus and other figures of extreme music. Such cooperation has brought new opportunities in terms of advertising and distribution. With the release of "203 barriers" the group found admirers where they have not even been looking for. Publications in metal magazines and joint performances with profile artists for their new label opened the collective to a wider audience. Although before this there were enough negative events: a trip to New York for the group planned to work with the leader of Swans, Michael Gira, as a producer turned into a complete failure. The artistic direction, given by Gira, absolutely didn’t correspond to the idea of the participants Kill The Thrill. The difference in views on the final result was so great that upon returning to France all the material was rerecorded, although Gira was listed in the booklet as responsible for the artistic direction. 

With the release of "203 barriers" it’s possible to say that Kill The Thrill have their own face and recognizable approach to composing and sounding. As in the case of previous records, the group consistently develops ideas for creating a hybrid of post-punk, doom, industrial rock and metal, weaving new fragments and details into the main canvas. Predominantly tense, quivering-nervous mood of the album passes in moments of pain and internal contradiction expressed through instrumental storms and nauseous vocals, to immediately change to melancholy, as if regretting the expressed out loud. And already through the melancholy, musicians in an amazing way open to meet the light, creating sublime harmony, tearing through the main material in the same way as tears burst after a long strain, tracing wet paths on the face, illuminated by the rays of the sun. A huge achievement in this - the voice of Nicolas Dick - leader Kill The Thrill, which at peak times is consonant with the voice of Johan Edlund of the times of "Wildhoney", and more quiet singing reminds us of the late Tiamat recordings. Periodically contrasting the mood of the vocal line with the mood of the instrumental part, Kill The Thrill create a sense of ambiguity and multidimensionality, a sense of life in music and thus make the perception of the album even more difficult.

Revealing its potential is not immediately, the third album Kill The Thrill as if asks to be understood not by analytical, but by empirical means. At the same time, he does not tolerate to inattentive attitude, pulling songs out of context or listening to streaming, rewinding and turning on in random places. "203 barriers" is an outstanding record, highly appreciated by critics, but sometimes requiring too much from a modern listener.