Kill The Thrill - 1997 - Low

Noise Product Switzerland


01 - Burn
02 - I Believed In
03 - ∞
04 - Overstrain
05 - ∞
06 - Empty
07 - Splintered
08 - ∞
09 - Loophole
10 - Missing Time
11 - ∞



Fashion is fleeting, and the boom in the metal industrial ended as dramatically as it did. The projects of the musicians of the "big" bands were still one-time undertakings, and there were very few independent groups left afloat in the second half of the 1990s. Among such "The Steadfast Tin Soldiers» were the French experimenters Kill The Thrill, who released their second album, "Low", in 1997 with the help of Noise Product Switzerland. Having created a sound and style from minor rock, industrial heavy metal, sharp riffs and emotional vocals, Kill The Thrill continuously develop it, preferring the evolution to the revolution. Using the performing techniques and retaining the overall sound produced on the debut album, on the "Low" the group left from the (rock) drive towards a heavier material with a taste of doom metal. The tear remained - flashes of instrumental frenzy and the rumble along with the hoarse vocals is perfectly visualize the impotent fury of the man taken prisoner by hateful walls. His phone book stores only social service numbers and rare working contacts, and in the list of incoming e-mails - only spam and promotional mailings of used Internet services. In contrast to this - sluggish guitar cuts and, as a last resort, framing an album from electronically sampled sketches sounding as old vinyl. It equally perfectly illustrate uncountable evenings after a monotonous, stupefying labor activity carried out with carefully closed dirty-white plastic double-glazed windows. There are no extraneous sounds here - they are all carefully drowned out by the working TV, creating the illusion of the presence of a person near and serving as an accompaniment to the usual actions to maintain their own functionality - eating or sleeping. Kill the Thrill on their second album with every sound paints the tragedy of urban loneliness and the names of songs like «Empty» or «Missing Time" speak for themselves. 

Over the past 20 years, the album has not lost its relevance, at least in its semantic and moody message. "Low" is a decent record, and at the same time, almost unknown to a wide circle of listeners, but also to a narrow circle of connoisseurs. This is just as commonplace and natural as the very fact of the existence of problems of loneliness within society. Because no one is surprised when another reportage about the accidentally found in their apartments long dead people seeping into the screen and being dispassionately voiced by the news anchorman, who is unlikely to remember this event the very next day.