Dead World - 1992 - Collusion

Relapse Records


Movement I
01 - Incorporeal Nemesis
02 - Neurosis Quagmire
Movement II
03 - Mass Confussa Santorium
04 - Saturnalia
05 - Miasma
06 - El Shaddi Sanctimony
Movement III
07 - Regina Confessorum
08 - Portae Inferni
09 - Christe, Audi Nos
10 - Untitled




Industrial metal in the United States has been weak, in contrast to Europe, which at the beginning of the 1990s has a few groups of similar character, a serious part of which was from Britain. America couldn’t boast of such things. Single projects of well-known musicians such as Meethook Seed, whose works can be described as an attempt to play the usual death / grind / hardcore on an unusual sound. And the groups, did not advance further than the demo / EP and they didn’t leave any serious trace. An exception can be called Dead World which led by the art editor of Relapse Records, Jonathan Canady. Their debut album, "Collusion" released in 1992 is fragments of death and industrial metal mixed with ambient interludes. Learned to play on the actual at that time heavy music Dead World are trying to use their available means to perform something uncharacteristic for them. To get cyclical, monotonous and detached music, musicians slow down the usual death metal riffs, give up two bass drums, and dilute the rhythmic patterns. But efforts crossed out due to floating riffs in different places with hints of drive and speed breaks. Playing with a drummer, Dead World in advance lose some of the cold sound, acquiring in return such unusual for industrial music properties, such as the difference in the power of punches on drums and filling with short fractions and other small things. In guitar parts is not provided for small things. Rough and square, with a minimum number of solutions, guitar often duplicated by a rattling bass, which is brought forward. One of the most characteristic tricks in industrial metal, which is not very effectively on this album. "Collusion" can’t boast of those jerky, clear, rhythmic and independent bass parts that have become a real piece of European collectives therefore, its sound becomes only a formality. Otherwise, the record is obviously loose with the abundance of the rever, imposed on soaked growling and percussion, deprives the music of necessary specifics. The album doesn’t have enough groove, it is too static to entice, and, in the end, it becomes simply tedious.

Dead World sample of 1992 - an example not the bottom of the formed style and half measures, an intermediate state. "Collusion" is more interesting as a historical document or as an example of a mixture of styles, but listening to the album for pleasure will be unlikely.