Crawl - 1996 - Construct, Destroy, Rebuild



01 - Justify
02 - Animals
03 - Trial and Error
04 - All is Lost
05 - Within
06 - Deny Me
07 - I Control
08 - Long Way Down
09 - Trust
10 - Holding Down
11 - Draining
12 - Kerosene




The release of "Earth" did not bring Crawl to the stars of the first magnitude, but their status, as a collective slowly, but surely increased. Olympic Recordings offered the sale of the contract with the band to several major labels, which it was interested in. However, Olympic decided to leave the contract for themselves, only replacing the label, which will directly deal with the implementation. Instead of Pavement, became Overture Records, which had previously issued exclusively rock music, and in 1996 suddenly decided to work with industrial bands.

The second album Crawl "Construct, Destroy, Rebuild", was the next step of the group to change the style and a big step forward in comparison with "Earth". Continuing to work from the moment they stopped, the musicians eventually came to a kind of hybrid of hardcore and industrial. The industrial has never sounded so aggressive - groovy and alive, and never before has it encountered such a rhythm, and the hardcore has never been so mechanized and well-honed. Thrown out all superfluous - the riffs are simple, rare melodies are rather conventional, and minimalistic drums almost devoid of any decoration. At the same time there is no feeling of emptiness or lack of something. In the music came back abundant synth effects and samples that add volume in the material, which this time is packed in a compact three minutes for the song. The material of this album has a clear structure with its verses and choruses, and in general it has not only an overshooting amount of drive, but also hit. The album is simple with both material and sound - the revolution did not happen. Crawl again recorded with Eric James at Simple Studios, with the same settings of the instruments for all the songs, almost without any schticks even in the processing of vocals. Once tuned filter, slightly distorted voice, is used from the first to the last seconds, and only the magnitude of this distortion changes periodically. But this time, it worked as it should - mixed slightly differently than previous recordings, with an accented powerful bass compensating for the flat sound of a drum sampler. The album sounds worthy, and, most importantly, according to the material.

"Construct, Destroy, Rebuild" was the best release of the band, in its own original and interesting. Something similar was done by the musicians Obituary and Napalm Death on the debut album of the joint Meathook Seed, also there was a separate hardcore project  with a touch of industrial at Shane Embury, which was called “Blood from the Soul”, and distant resemblance can also be found in the works of the main groups of the period 1994-1997, but Crawl on this album does not have a massive death metal background. Despite all its dignity, "Construct, Destroy, Rebuild" has not won fame and honor. All Overture agreements related to distribution failed, support and advertising were almost at zero, concerts did not bring any money, nor any moral impact. The collective ceased to exist in 1997, without knowing any serious fame and recognition. Their name does not appear among the list of lucky people who are in the car of a train of musical show business. Maybe it's for the best - in any case, Crawl does not feed listeners repeatedly passed the material under the brand name of the new and don’t go to world tours, without enthusiasm doing what was previously given without a trace.