Crawl - 1995 - Earth



01 - Skinned
02 - Servant
03 - Womb
04 - I Believe
05 - Machines Way
06 - Emotional Cage
07 - Soundless
08 - Gray
09 - Release





Despite the fact that the American team Bleed for a few days was late with the release of its version of industrial death metal, their EP "Womb" still brought the band a local fame and helped sign a contract for the release of the next album with Olympic Recordings, which transferred them to the care of their companions from Pavement Music.  Simultaneously with these serious changes, one more thing happened: the Bleed brand was occupied by another group, so there was another (and last) change of name - to Crawl.

Under this name in 1995 was released the first full-length album "Earth" for which, in addition to the new material was decided to use almost completely (five of the six songs) the material EP. Recorded in 1994 in the same Simple Studios and with the same Eric James (became for the collectives from Green Bay "home" producer) it sounded still not perfect, but bigger and coarser than "Womb", which helped significantly reduce the decadent-apathetic attitude, moreover new songs were completely deprived of it. New songs are much sharper, rhythmic, laconic and catchy, they are significantly different from past developments, they have a lot of hardcore, passed through the death metal prism, something from Obituary period 1994-1997, almost complete absence of synthesized background samples, and rough groove, which in the period of "Womb" was more imagined than really attended. The general sound and performing techniques partially obscured the difference between the songs, but the whole impression was not achieved in full measure.

The album "did not shoot" - Crawl wasn’t a group of the first magnitude, and in their promotion didn’t invest serious money. "Earth" could not boast of a cool sound, as it was in the teams with Roadrunner, and the drum machine didn’t become their schticks, remaining a forced measure. The album didn’t have powerful advertising, and the unfortunate dark cover initially couldn’t attract attention, losing in this many competitors, and themselves two years ago. Printed in a considerable number of copies, "Earth" СDs were not sold out: they can be found in some kind of distro for a small amount. This wasn’t a commercial failure, the group was able to go on tour for the first time and express themselves and their album was on sale in large chain stores. For a local group, this can be success, but go to the level of the really big teams didn’t work.