Copremesis - 2013

Easy to contact Copremesis guitarist Paolo Paguntalan was open and easy to communicate, who always thanks in the correspondence for the support and listening to the music of his band. As soon as he agreed to the interview, we sent him a number of questions in Russian the purpose of which was to show that the work does not stand still. Having received questions he translated everything himself and answered in one day, perhaps it is such people hold up the underground.

The first documented record was a demo KÜ £ T Faeces: Rehearsal 9/15/02, but the statute of limitations of time it is difficult to find, and do you think that this "total shit." What was the music team at the moment?


This was the original line up for this recording was:

Alex Beck– Guitars/Vocals
Daniel Figueroa– Bass/Vocals
Wilson Rairan – Drums
Paulo Paguntalan – Guitars/Vocals

It is a shit recording, technically this wasn’t even supposed to be distributed around, its sole purpose was to show the promoter [Anita of Somberlain productions] what we sounded like. We started sending mp3s to our close friends and somehow there was a demand for them. 

The next step is to produce a demo in 2003 «Demonstrating The Fist». What goals do you set for this entry: to attract attention of labels, the public or is it in the first place, work for themselves and errors of the first release?

All three, this was our official demo.

As an art to use a picture (screenshot?) In the spirit of the manga \ anime. Fond of Japanese animation? And what is the meaning or symbolism of the cover?

Alex and I are fond of the anime known as «Fist Of The Northstar». Its an ultra violent dystopian 80s anime which is a cross of Mad Max and Bruce Lee. We wanted to stand out from the typical “gore” artworks and we thought this was unique to us.

When recording has been used quite a lot of spoken samples. Do not think that it harms the integrity of perception disk?

At this time we didn’t think samples were a bad thing, Skinless’ “Progression Towards Evil” was an influence to us. We thought they added color to the otherwise faceless  songs.

Demo of many death metal (and yours in particular) are a group cd-r with black and white inserts, printed on a home printer. Do not harm this approach by a team? Indeed, many students would like to have a quality product, not only in music, but also design.

We’re cheap broke losers who went to High School and couldn’t afford shit. We just wanted to get this demo out there. In hindsight, I wish we could’ve done better but what’s done is done. Actually even having a CD-r burner was a big deal when we started out. I’ve been toying with the idea of re-releasing this on 7” EP with the original colored artwork but I doubt anyone out there really gives a shit about Copremesis.

After a year out with a split Pustulated, which you have done on their own. How comfortable was to be paired with this team? It was difficult with the release of the disc do without the help of labels?

Wilson was good friends with Andres, we were very grateful that we had the opportunity to be a part of the split. They blow us away on that split. There wasn’t really any problems because people knew Pustulated and their name is the selling point for the split. 

The four major studio tracks added two recorded the concert. What is it for? Think that they have more power or a necessary measure to increase the running time?

Hahahaha, just to increase the running time. We had few new songs but we weren’t ready to record them because we weren’t tight enough. We were also pressed for time.


Given the name of your split - Fecal Fistophile - can make assumptions about the interest of the industry to the deviant adult films. Or is this approach - only a  tradition related styles, the more that the same record can be found overtures to porno grind as a cover of Cock and Ball Torture and processed vocals?

"Fecal Fistophile" was not the original title of the split, Alex had the title in Japanese which was a death move from «Fist of the Northstar» “Musou Tensei”. Unfortunately when we were doing the lay out, Alex was out of the country and the rest of us have forgotten what was the original title. We tried to get a hold of him but we couldn’t and  we had to make something up cool in the spot. Which ended up as the split title.

Online you can find information about the split with Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cakewet, Vomitrocity & Flesh Disgorged. Tell us more about it.

We were approached by a DIY tape label of wanting to include our Demonstrating the Fist demo for the split and we agreed as long as we get our own personal copies.  Unfortunately the label folded before we even got our copies.

Your debut album was released only in 2008, although some of the songs can be heard already split with Pustulated. Why the process is so delayed?

We weren’t really happy our performance with the split so we decided to re-record Push and since the last 2 songs were live, they had to be re-recorded. 

Various things delayed it:
- Line-up change, Wilson and us part ways. We took a while looking for drummers, then Daniel finally took helm
 - Lots of personal stuff was going on with the band, Daniel decided to join the military so his training clashed with our rehearsal schedule.
 - After Daniel left, it was only Alex and me. 

There was no pressure from anyone and of course we got really lazy and procrastinated. Until Paragon Records approached us again [which they’ve done before]

Paragon Records - the label, which is a specialization of the music is quite different than what you're doing. What is the rationale selection of this office?

Our friends in BIOLiCH signed to them and when they toured with Demilich, from the get go, the tour was already becoming a disaster so Jim [who ran the Paragon] went  along the tour and basically singlehandedly saved the tour from pure utter failure. We saw that dedication and decided to go with them. Also the fact we were so different  gave us room to stand out, unlike signing to a label like Brutal Bands or Sevared Records.

You have chosen a strange concept: shimeyl and Muay Thai, and bound together. Who was the author of the idea and the reason you have developed it in the format of a CD? It is not only music, but also the appropriate design theme: from photos to transgender stylized fonts.


Alex was responsible for the concept and we built around it. Again, we wanted to stand out from the crowd. It’s very loosely based on the story of Nong Toom, the Muay Thai Kickboxing champion who fought to win the championship so he can have his sex change. We’re the underdogs of our scene and we thought by having this really colorful artwork and the CD covered with Trannys would be a statement of we don’t give a fuck.

The album has some strange sound: the abundance of low-frequency rumble and weightless with heavily processed drums kick and very subdued volumes. This is a deliberate move?

That’s the distorted bass which is really upfront in the mix. At this time we were really influenced by Goregrind bands like Last Days of Humanity, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, and Gronibard, we wanted that dirty noise. The clicky kick drums are because we are obsessed with Vomit Remnants. So yes, it is a deliberate move!

Scott Porterfield (Scott Porterfield) made ​​chic artwork, but how do you feel about the fact that in his work for Gorged Afterbirth he develops the same ideas, using the same character, or at least the type?

We thought it was awesome, I don’t think his work was that similar to ours except with the use of colors and he has a very distinct style. We were just glad that the dude got more work after us! 

Describe modern brutal crowd in New York. It seems to me that the local groups (including you, Andromorphus Rexalia, Animals Killing People, and others) have a number of common features.

These days, there’s less brutal death metal fans and more people into old school thrash, death metal and grindcore. AR and AKP are technically the same band, with the exception of 2 people who are not in either bands.

Based on the found Videofragmenty performances, you're on the depths of the underground, not even speaking to clubs, and some rehearsal and basements. People are not interested in the shows?

This style of music is technically dead in this scene. Malignancy still makes it work because they continue to progress and keep people interested. 

You, Paolo, sometimes like to go on stage naked. Fanateesh of GG Allin?

More because of Gronibard but yes, also GG Allin. I personally want people who miss the show regret not seeing it and those who witness us never to forget.

Sometimes it is difficult to find information about Copremesis. Tell us about a change of structure, because of the original line-up was just you and guitarist Alex Beck (Alex Isaac Beck).

It’s just currently Alex and me.

Are there currently any plans for the group or is virtually non-functional project?

At this rate, you might as well call us dead. We’re still working on music but I fucking doubt we’ll ever put anything out. 

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